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HPV160 hydraulic pump parts PC400 PC650 Excavator hydro Component

Item No.: HPV160 hydraulic pump parts

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HPV160 hydraulic pump parts PC400 PC650 Excavator hydro Component service kit rotating replacement


Landa Machinery Equipment Co., Limited supply brands of excavators spare parts, Quality replacement parts for Caterpillar, Case, Daewoo Doosan, Hitachi, Hyundai, JCB, John Deere, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kato, Kubota, Sumitomo, Volvo, etc. Genuine original parts and high quality stable OEM parts meet different need for customers. Full range Excavator Hydraulic System Oil Seal Components and seal kits, Hydraulic Breaker rock hammer oil seal and seal kits, Hydraulic Pump and Hydraulic Motor, and repair component kits for hydraulic pump and motors, Engine parts and engine related parts, electric solenoid valve, sensors, etc.


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Parts List:

708-2G-00024 pump assy 20S-60-72110 708-1S-00222 PUMP ASS'Y 708-1S-01131
708-2G-01021 pump sub ass'y UC1100282758 Shaft 708-1S-01222 PUMP SUB ASS'Y 708-1S-13110
708-2G-12151 bearing UC1100220383 BEARING 708-1S-13411 CAM,ROCKER 708-1S-13221
07000-A5185 o-ring UC1100130051 PLATE,CONTROL 04260-01270 BALL 708-1S-13150
708-2G-12111 SHAFT UC1100282749 BLOCK,CYLINDER 708-1S-14611 SPACER 708-1S-13350
708-2G-12251 BEARING UC1100220365 SPRING 708-1S-13420 PIN 708-2L-23360
708-1F-12281 OIL SEAL UC1100195737 GUIDE 01252-60616 BOLT 708-1S-13340
708-2G-04141 CYLINDER BLOCK ASSY UC1100212575 RETAINER 01252-61235 BOLT 708-1S-13310
708-18-13230 PIN UC4607642728 PISTON 07000-11006 O-RING 708-1S-14410
708-2G-13131 SEAT UC1100220329 PLATE 07000-12125 O-RING 708-1S-03531
708-2G-13152 SPRING UC1100156989 CASE 708-1S-04261 CAP SUB ASS'Y 708-1T-15114
708-2G-13510 RETAINER GUIDE UC1100058389 SEAL,OIL 708-21-12760 BEARING 708-1T-14140
708-2H-23360 PIN UC1300249003 O-RING 708-1S-13430 BALL 708-1S-03720
708-2G-13341 RETAINER SHOE UC4100325054 HANGER ASS'Y 708-1S-12311 SHAFT 708-1T-15530
708-2G-13311 PISTON SUB ASSY UC1100130042 PLATE,CONTROL 708-3S-12210 BEARING 708-1T-15542
708-2G-04161 CRADLE SUB ASS'Y 20S-60-72110 HYDRAULIC PUMP ASS'Y 207-09-11140 O-RING 705-41-02460
708-2G-14120 SLIDE 21U-01-31500 COUPLING ASS'Y 708-7T-12230 SEAL,OIL 705-41-02200
708-2G-03510 PC VALVE ASSY 01252-31240 BOLT 708-1S-00222 PUMP ASS'Y 705-41-20610
708-2G-03520 SERVO PISTON ASS'Y 21U-01-31211 CUSHION 708-1S-01222 PUMP SUB ASS'Y 705-41-20510
708-2G-15320 SEAL 708-1S-00150 PUMP ASS'Y 708-1S-13130 BLOCK,CYLINDER 705-40-80760
708-2G-01021 pump sub ass'y 708-1S-01131 PUMP SUB ASS'Y 708-1S-13230 PLATE,VALVE 708-1T-19210
708-2G-12121 SHAFT 708-1S-04231 CASE SUB ASS'Y 708-3S-13160 WASHER 07000-02060
708-2G-12251 bearing 07000-11009 O-RING 708-3S-13150 SPRING 708-1S-00410
708-2G-04151 CYLINDER BLOCK ASSY 708-7T-51210 O-RING 708-1S-13370 GUIDE,RETAINER 708-1S-00420
708-2G-13341 RETAINER SHOE 708-1S-04241 708-1S-13380 PIN 708-1S-01310
708-2G-13311 PISTON SUB ASSY 708-1S-12130 SHAFT 708-1S-13360 RETAINER,SHOE 708-1S-04253
708-2G-04161 CRADLE SUB ASS'Y 708-7S-12140 BEARING 708-1S-13320 PISTON SUB ASS'Y 708-3S-13441
708-2G-12130 COUPLING 708-1S-12260 BEARING 07002-11223 O-RING 04260-01270
708-2G-03710 LS VALVE ASSY 708-7T-12230 SEAL,OIL 708-1S-14230 PISTON SUB ASS'Y 708-3S-14140
112-63-15370 SEAL,DUST     708-1S-14241 SPRING 708-1S-13420


HPV35 main pump   
HPV55 main pump  PC100-3
HPV90 main pump  PC200-3
HPV90 pump assy PC200-5
HPV95 PC200-6 6D95
HPV95 hydraulic pump PC200-6-6D102
  PC300-7 PC350-7
HPV132 main pump pc400-6
HPV160 hydraulic main pump PC450-7

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